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River steel special steel to realize the Since this year, Hangang River steel in-depth docking high-end customers, customization and personalized service to customers and win the market opportunities. 11 months ago, Hangang River steel excel......
Bengang Steel Plant in rolling process, In order to improve the accuracy of the equipment, improve the quality of products, recently, sheet steel factory joint maintenance seize the opportunity of the rolling process equipment modification,......
Table two: early market weather shocks, As of 10 points in early trading, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange traded all traded ratio of 1300:1323, the overall effect of the market to make money is 49%, the stock trend differentiation,......
Benxi: Benxi steel varieties and a high- Recently, H13 hot die Benxi Iron and steel group of independent research and development of steel billet production success, a firm step in to enter the high-end products in the field of special steel......
Wang Hetao: the iron and steel industry Just won the fourteenth best analysts of new wealth of iron and steel industry first, Changjiang Securities Wang Hetao accepted the exclusive interview, panorama network said that the steel industry s......
2016 "steel cup" employee occu With the end of November 10th, steel plant workers, workers, casting industry and refining the game, mark during the 5 months of 2016 "steel cup" employee occupation skill competition ending......
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