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Benxi: Benxi steel varieties and a high-end production succe

source:  Author:  Release time:2016-12-13 Views:1266

Recently, H13 hot die Benxi Iron and steel group of independent research and development of steel billet production success, a firm step in to enter the high-end products in the field of special steel.

Casting mould of H13 steel is mainly used in mobile phone, toys and other production line, is one of the special steel widely used in the broad market, a larger profit margin. But at the same time, the steel production process requirements are extremely stringent, currently only a small number of enterprises with the relevant technical level and production capacity of large-scale continuous casting.

According to the market demand, the company product research institute, China World Trade Center, plate special steel plant and other units jointly carry out research, H13 hot die steel billet with research and trial production, to ensure product quality all meet the technical requirements, and the production efficiency and cost consumption index is better than the industry average, grasp the initiative in the fierce competition in the market.