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2016 "steel cup" employee occupation skill competi

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With the end of November 10th, steel plant workers, workers, casting industry and refining the game, mark during the 5 months of 2016 "steel cup" employee occupation skill competition ending.

It is understood that this year to carry out the skills competition in 25 types, including 4 common types, 21 types of industry (post), 1406 contestants competed, 10 class two units were hosted in the multiple types of events. The game is different from last year, this year the competition and all the staff for the primary skills of team personnel, the various types of competition theory examination by computer paperless examination, single topic, multiple-choice questions and judge the questions three questions, questions with "contest outline" provisions of the reference books and issued review questions based on the intermediate examination requirements, compiled by the referee, the papers by computer according to the number of uniform difficulty all kinds of questions from the exam questions and random extraction, composition test, sequence of questions and answers the order of different papers (one volume). At the same time, this year 21 trade still by all two units completed, the company decided according to the general types of game competition, competition situation, time-consuming, electrician, fitter, welder, traffic engineering four general types of game preliminaries all by the unit for each unit held in strict accordance with the rules of the game. A fair selection of outstanding athletes to participate in the company's final.

In addition, this year's contest still adopts the combination and occupation skill appraisal form, in the game, contestants theory exam scores reached a certain score, and job performance will be qualified skill level promotion, and the company issued certificates.