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River steel special steel to realize the upgrading of Handan

source:  Author:  Release time:2016-12-13 Views:1247

Since this year, Hangang River steel in-depth docking high-end customers, customization and personalized service to customers and win the market opportunities. 11 months ago, Hangang River steel excellent steel products the proportion of varieties of steel grew 32%, reaching 72% tons of material products; comprehensive price rose 11% cumulative; develop direct supply of households in 96, which realized quantities of more than 30.

In order to further promote the Hangang River steel production line for flat organizational structure changes independent market unit, set up new type rod line division, corresponding to a large steel mill, steel rolling mill production line, technology, talent, management and other advantages of resources in the production line. Adhere to the "special" thinking, according to customer needs to customer segmentation, customers will be divided into automobile steel mechanical engineering steel customers, clients, customers, bearing steel cord steel customers, customers and other customers of cold heading steel. Through customer base and customer demand analysis, accelerate product structure adjustment, speed up the product to seize the high-end market speed, and strive to cancel the end of the end of the bar varieties. Developed a number of automotive semi shaft, transmission shaft manufacturing enterprises; with a number of automotive gear manufacturing enterprises to cooperate. Continue to carry out quality research billet, rod surface scratch governance, quality objections decreased by more than 50%.