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Bengang Steel Plant in rolling process, a comprehensive upgr

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In order to improve the accuracy of the equipment, improve the quality of products, recently, sheet steel factory joint maintenance seize the opportunity of the rolling process equipment modification, as of now, transformation, increase the bloomingmill push broaching machine bed body water cooling system, and enhance the accuracy of 5V-10H unit V3 stick mill reducer reducer overhaul and rod size decomposition District saw the replacement of wearing parts focus of the project to upgrade the system has finished rolling mill push broaching machine.

This year, the special steel market has warmed up, the factory accurately grasp the pulse of the market, at the beginning of the rolling process for the development of a detailed equipment transformation plan. According to the plan, the plant decided to use November 20th rolling production line joint repair work time, the comprehensive upgrading of equipment. In support of relevant departments, Benxi Iron and Steel Group repair unit, the factory has established a special equipment upgrade leading group, and will upgrade the headquarters set up in the workshop, supervision and implementation of the workshop is responsible for the specific work.

According to the principle of "combining maintenance and renovation", the factory constantly improves equipment reliability and improves technical level. First of all, they blooming of blooming area push broaching machine system upgrade. In the production of rolling mill is responsible for billet clamping push broaching machine and straightening, push broaching machine long-term direct contact with the red steel, will inevitably lead to push broaching machine wear, if not timely treatment, wear parts will cause scratches on the billet surface, affecting the quality of products. The original method for direct replacement push broaching machine, but the cost is high, the replacement time is long, will have some impact on production. Therefore, in this transformation, the plant will be taken from the original cast steel push broaching machine to replace the method of welding, and increasing the external water cooling system in push broaching machine, greatly reducing the red on the inner surface of the steel push broaching machine wear, not only reduce the maintenance cost, more important is to reduce the subsequent production on the slab surface scratch, improves the rate of products.

This is another important part of equipment upgrade transformation in rolling stick area. In daily production, post workers found stick area V3 mill reducer abnormal sound. After the demolition of abnormal parts, found that the reducer two internal bearing gap super poor, equipment technicians immediately on the replacement of the two segment bearings, in the elimination of abnormal sound at the same time greatly improve the accuracy of V3 rolling mill. During the replacement process, the maintenance personnel overcome the unfavorable factors such as small working space, cold weather, accurate demolition, lifting, back loading, on time, quality and quantity to complete the repair work.

As of now, this year the factory steel rolling equipment upgrade project has been basically completed, the unit has gradually resume production, lay the foundation for the factory to complete the annual production and business objectives and improve the Benxi Iron and steel group special steel products market share.